dispensing optician

Why you need to see a dispensing optician, as well as your optometrist

What does an optometrist do?

An optometrist will examine both the outside and inside of your eyes. They’ll test how well you can focus and your perception of depth and colour. They’ll give you advice on any visual problems, detect any ocular disease or abnormality and refer you to a doctor is necessary.

And, if you need them, they’ll prescribe glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

Moreover, they can also recommend eye strengthening exercises and vision therapy to improve your sight.

What does a dispensing optician do?

A dispensing optician doesn’t examine your eyes. They use the prescription from your optometrist to advise you on which lenses and frames will best suit your individual needs and personal style.

What problems can my dispensing optician help me with?

  • If you have a squint or a head tilt, your dispensing optician will be able to determine where to place the optical centre on your lenses. Lining this up precisely with your eyes will help you see more clearly.
  • They can take measurements of your eyes and advise you on the type of varifocal lenses that will best suit you, including tints and coatings.
  • Dispensing opticians are able to find the lenses that fit into your chosen frames as some lenses fit more easily into certain frames than others.
  • They can make adjustments to ensure your frames are comfortable and fitted properly to avoid discomfort.
  • They give advice on a wide range of specialist lenses and eyewear such as sunglasses and can fit and supply contact lenses.
  • They can provide you with low vision aids such as magnifiers and magnifying reading glasses to help you make the most of the vision you have.
  • A dispensing optician is also able to give you advice on how to treat eye conditions such as dry eye.
  • Only a fully qualified dispensing optician is legally allowed to supply and/or fit glasses to a child or person who is partially sighted.

It is always recommended that if you have any vision problems you see both your optometrist and dispensing optician, in order to get the best care and vision aids for you.

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