Choosing your spectacles

We understand that you need a practical, comfortable solution to correcting your vision, without compromising on quality and fashion. This means combining the right frames to suit your style with the best lenses to manage your vision and eye health.

Your Frames

We offer a wide range of frames, many not available from your high street optical chain. Our exclusive range includes Flexon, William Morris, Ted Baker, Joules, Hackett Bespoke, Bauhaus, Guess, Prodesign, Wolf Eyewear, Silhouette, and Swarovski.

Should you see a designer frame that you like elsewhere, if you bring us the details and we will endeavour to obtain the frame and match the price like for like.

Your lenses

There are a variety of lenses offering differing solutions for your eye health.  During your visit we will advise you on which lenses will offer the best results for your prescription.

Bespoke Lenses

Bespoke lenses can be made in a varifocal lens type, incorporating measurements for how the frame is situated in front of your eyes; specifically measurements for the side angle, the wrap of the frame, and how far away from your eyes the frame is placed. We use an iPad to take these very accurate measurements.

Transition lenses

Transition lenses use a material which is ultraviolet sensitive, and will darken to a ‘sunspec’ tint when exposed to sunlight.  Most lens materials are available in grey or brown, and can be anti-reflection coated for maximum benefit.  These lenses are made of plastic, benefitting the wearer in lightness and safety, although should you require glass lenses, the traditional ‘reactolise’ lenses are still made in same lens forms.


Varifocal lenses give you the closest thing to the natural vision that you had in your youth!  Most designs require some adaptation time to allow you to become acclimatised to the changing strength of the lenses; and some element of compromise may be required, based on the design chosen.  These lenses have no visible dividing line on the lens surface, allowing you a smooth transition from distance through to the near vision.

Multi -Focal, Vocational or Degressive Lenses

The vocational lens, which is also sometimes known as the degressive or lifestyle lens is designed for people who want to be able to read their documents close up but also see their computer at 70-100cm away. Handy for work!

We have a 98% customer satisfaction with this type of lens.  And for those who have a specific design choice we can source Zeiss, Varilux, Nikon, Rodenstock, Shamir and Hoya, as well as our preferred Seiko lenses.

Anti- Reflection

We all know how safety and visual clarity are very important in driving, particularly at night when dazzling headlights and reflections can be distracting.  A high-quality multi-layer anti-reflection coating helps by eliminating most surface reflections.

Anti-reflection coating is visible on the reverse side of the lenses as a “bloom”, not colouring the lens like a tint.  This gives the lens a more “matt” finish,  making them less conspicuous, more attractive and allows for direct eye-contact with other people.

We are also a Seiko Lens Specialist.
Find out more about what that means here

Our Price-match Promise 

There is often a misconception that small independent business will always be expensive. While we maintain our standard of quality in frames and lenses, we are happy to price-match like-for-like products, when presented with a written quote from another optician in the locality.

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