Seiko Lens Specialists

We are delighted to have been given “privilege” status by Seiko Lenses.

With a wide range of lens designs, tints and materials our special status, as Seiko Lens Specialists,  greatly benefits you in allowing us to accelerate delivery of your order, and dispense premium products using advanced technology.

Your lenses are ordered via our remote-edging system. This allows us to scan your frames when we order your lenses.  The lenses then arrive already cut to the correct size of your frames.  This means we rarely have to send your glasses away to be fitted with new lenses so you are not inconvenienced whilst you wait for your new spectacles.  When your new lenses are ready then we can fit them straight into your current or new frames in our practice.

Modern lens materials can produce very thin, light lenses for even the strongest prescriptions: with our expertise and the latest device for measuring the angles of the sides, the wrap-around effect of the frame and how the frames fit on the bridge of the nose, the lenses will give the sharpest images.

There are six varifocal different designs available in four different plastics materials, incorporating transitions lenses, darkening and fading according to UV exposure. All lenses have anti-glare and hard coatings, to improve clarity in poor lighting conditions and to resist scratching; as the Japanese do not understand why anybody would select a lens without these enhancements!

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