Choosing glasses with your child

We pride ourselves on being spectacles experts. We’re here to help guide you. We all know that children lead active lives! To cater for their energetic lifestyles we supply all our children’s spectacles with plastic lenses as they offer many benefits, including:

  • More resistance to breakage;
  • Lightweight and safe (compared to traditional glass lenses);
  • Coatings to reduce scratches and reflections, enabling better vision and durability;
  • Plastic lenses can also be made much thinner for higher prescriptions;
  • Maximum protection – polycarbonate lenses are 12 times more resistant to breakage than regular plastic lenses and about 25 % thinner & lighter – ideal for children involved in sport etc;

After your child has had their examination, you’ll receive a one to one appointment with our dispensing optician, who’ll discuss all the possible options with you.

Children will only use their spectacles, if they feel comfortable and confident about the idea of wearing them. Our optometrists and dispensing opticians take great care to explain why spectacles are required, and to ensure that the chosen frames fit properly and look great!

We have a modern and stylish range of frames specifically for our younger patients. Most of these frames have sprung hinges to give added strength and reduce the risk of breakage. All our metal frames also have soft nose pads for additional comfort.

You’ll find a wide variety of frames to suit every budget including all the latest designer products.