Vision Therapy

Marnie McGregor is the practice’s Behavioural Optometrist (BABO accredited, see This means she’s a specialist in children’s visual development and functional visual problems in children and adults.

Marnie runs a special assessment and vision therapy clinic and her clinic is ideal for children or adults with:

  • Reading difficulties, such as those with dyslexia;
  • Or good readers who are experiencing symptoms of discomfort or transient blurring despite wearing up-to-date spectacles;

As well as a normal eye examination, a full visual skills assessment is included which investigates:

  • Focusing skills
  • Convergence (eye teaming)
  • Eye movement skills including Tracking
  • Visual perceptual problems
  • Directional awareness
  • Visual stress

In order to prevent visual problems worsening Marnie is involved in the effects of lenses beyond providing clear sight. Her clinic utilises lenses, prisms, exercises and vision therapy to treat the problems she encounters.

If you have concerns about your child’s vision please contact the practice on 01628 663055 and Marnie will call you back to arrange an apppointment.