Contact Lens FAQ’s

Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Most people can. We will assess your suitability with some simple tests. Contact lenses can be used to correct all types of vision including astigmatism, long & short sight, and the need for reading glasses. A few patients may have dry eyes or require the type of vision correction that makes contact lens wear unsuitable.

How long will it take to get used to wearing contact lenses?

It should only take a few days to get used to your contact lenses. After the initial adaptation period most people don’t even notice that they’re wearing them!

Do I have to wait for the contact lenses to be made especially for me?

All rigid gas permeable lenses are custom made and usually take a few days to manufacture. The majority of soft contact lenses are available for immediate trial.

Will wearing contact lenses make my eyesight worse?

No. It is a common myth that wearing glasses or contact lenses makes your eyes ‘lazy’. This is not the case.

Are contact lenses difficult to apply and remove?

No. Many people worry about putting lenses in for the first time, our trained staff will show you the correct methods to apply and remove your contact lenses.

Are contact lenses difficult to look after?

Developments in contact lens care products make it easy to keep your contact lenses clean and safe from harmful bacteria. A few simple steps should result in trouble-free use:

Clean your contact lenses daily to remove dust, pollution and make-up that may accumulate during daily wear

Disinfect your contact lenses daily to ensure they are free from any micro-organisms still on the contact lens after cleaning

There are now one-step solutions available making the hygiene routine even easier. Daily disposable contact lenses are for single use only and therefore do not require cleaning solutions. After wear, these contact lenses are just simply discarded!

Is it painful to wear contact lenses?

No. Disposable contact lenses are extremely soft and, although strange at first, most wearers find them to be very comfortable. RGPs feel no worse than having an eyelash in your eyes at first. If you experience prolonged irritation you should remove the contact lenses and contact the practice for further assistance.

Will I still need glasses?

Yes. It is not advisable to rely totally on contact lenses. There are occasions when glasses are essential e.g. first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Many patients alternate between glasses and contact lenses.

Can I sleep in contact lenses?

There are contact lenses available that can be worn continuously for up to 30 nights. We will be happy to advise you of your suitability for this type of product. If you accidentally sleep in contact lenses that are not designed for extended use your eyes may be quite irritable. If this happens, seek further advice from the practice.

Can contact lenses go to the back of my eye and get stuck?

No. There is a protective membrane that covers the front of your eyes and this then runs over the underside of your eyelids and this stops the contact lens from going behind the eye.

Is there an age limit to be able to wear contact lenses?

No. Our youngest patient to wear contact lenses was 6 years old, and the oldest over 90 years of age