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7 things not to do when wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses provide unquestionable ease, convenience and comfort – no glasses to lose, lenses to scratch, no frames to get in the way of your vision.  They can also help with a range of eyesight problems, such as long or short-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.  However, you do need to know how to look after your eyes and contacts when wearing contact lenses.

Here are our top seven things to avoid to protect your lenses and, most importantly, your eyes.

  1. Never wear dirty lenses

If you drop your lens, do not attempt to put it back into your eye before thoroughly cleaning with fresh solution. And only use recommended solution to clean your lenses, not water or saliva.

  1. Do not continue to wear uncomfortable lenses

Regardless of whether your contacts are the issue, remove them immediately to give your eyes a break. Prolonged wear of contacts on irritated eyes will only cause more damage.

  1. Do not sleep in your lenses

Unless your optician has advised you that it’s ok, do not sleep with your lenses in as this can encourage bacteria, dry eyes and the build-up of proteins and lipids all of which can compromise your vision and eye health.

  1. Avoid any form of water

Do not wear your lenses while showering, swimming or playing water sports. Simply wear tight goggles over the lenses, or, if possible, just take them out before going into the water. Bacteria in the water of the sea, lakes, pools and hot tubs can attach onto your contacts lenses, multiply and consequently can damage your eyes.

  1. Be wary of sweat, sun cream and makeup running into your eyes

Fluids such as sweat, sun cream and makeup poise the risk of infection and irritation to the eyes. Solutions as simple as wearing a sweatband and careful sun cream application will ensure safe wear of contact lenses. And remove your lenses before entering a sauna.

  1. Do not touch your contacts with dirty hands

Not only should you not touch, but also don’t rub your eyes while wearing contacts. Ensure your hands are washed and completely dry before putting in or taking out your lenses. And make sure you thoroughly rinse off all soap and sanitiser residue to avoid irritation.

  1. Never share your contact lenses

Perhaps this may seem obvious, but the risk of bacteria and infection becomes magnified when sharing lenses with another person. By always keeping a backup pair of glasses, you can ensure that neither the quality of your vision nor your eye health is ever endangered.


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