Healthy Eyes

Love your eyes in 2021 – 5 top tips for healthy eyes!

Make taking care of your eyes a top priority in 2021 with our 5 top tips for healthy eyes.

50% of all sight loss is avoidable (whether that be mild or severe), and so in this article here are some top tips to help keep your eyes healthy. Remember if you have any doubt about your eye health or sight, then please contact us to arrange an appointment. During this current lockdown we are still open for appointments and have Covid protection protocols in place.

1. Eat healthily

Eating a balanced diet that includes all the vital vitamins reduces your risk of developing eye disease. Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits contain vitamin C which can help prevent age related eye damage. Furthermore, Fish (especially salmon) contains omega-3 fatty acids which can contribute to eye development and the health of the retina.

2. Have regular eye check ups

In 2021, regular sight tests and eye health check ups can help identify any underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes early on so that treatment can be sought as soon as possible. It is recommended that you should have a sight test every 2 years but more often if you have ongoing eye conditions or if your optometrist recommends it.

3. Wear sunglasses more regularly

UV radiation from the sun cam hurt not only your skin but your eyes too- effects from UV radiation can add up and overtime cause problems like cornea burns and cataracts. Make sure you always check that the sunglasses you are using block 99% to 100% of UV rays for maximum protection.

4. Stop smoking

Smoking increases the likelihood of developing age-related macular degeneration (which is the deterioration of the macula, which is the central part of the retina that allows us to perceive fine details) and cataracts than non-smokers. Both of these conditions can make daily tasks difficult as they can affect reading and driving and without surgery cataracts can lead to severe vision loss.

5. Research your family eye history

Many eye conditions are hereditary that can run in families- such as long/short sight problems and glaucoma. Becoming aware of any potential eye conditions can help detect problems before they become serious and cause major sight issues. Should you become aware of any hereditary eye issues, you should contact your optometrist as soon as possible.