People talking on the stage at the BCLA Conference 2024

Cutting-Edge Insights

Cutting-Edge Insights at the Optometry Tomorrow Conference.

On April 28th and 29th, Tracy, Lisa, and Marnie participated in the Optometry Tomorrow conference. Hosted by the British College of Optometrists and the British Contact Lens Association, the event brought together leading experts from around the globe to share ground-breaking insights and practices.

Tracy’s conference experience was filled with engaging lectures on Infantile Nystagmus, a condition affecting infants characterised by rapid, repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements. She also had the opportunity to explore effective communication strategies with patients having special needs, such as Down’s syndrome, and how to adapt tests and simplify language. Tracy then gained invaluable knowledge from workshops covering punctum plugs for dry eye management and techniques for removing foreign bodies from the eye.

Tracy, Lisa and Marnie from Walker & Campbell at the BCLA Conference 2024Lisa focused on paediatric dispensing, where Dr. Alicia Thompson shared her extensive research aimed at developing frames more suited for children. Lisa also explored the latest advancements in treating Inherited Retinal Diseases, including exciting developments in gene therapy discussed by Professor Mahroo from Moorfields Eye Hospital. Additionally, she delved into topics of myopia management, glaucoma, and presbyopia.

Marnie’s conference experience was enriched by a workshop led by Mr. Kam Ballagan from Moorfields on Posterior Vitreous Detachments, offering hands-on experience with cutting-edge techniques. She also benefited from a workshop on assessing double vision and clarifying optimal investigative approaches for this challenging condition.

The conference was not just a learning opportunity for Tracy, Lisa, and Marnie but also a chance to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in optometry. Equipped with new knowledge and insights from world-renowned experts, they are excited to apply these learnings at Walker and Campbell.

On another note…

Patients may have noticed that Tracy has been off work for a few weeks. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been anywhere exotic but has, in fact, had cataract surgery on both eyes. She saw consultant ophthalmologist Mr Kheterpal at The Windsor Eye Clinic and was extremely well looked after. “My vision is absolutely crystal clear, and for the first time in my life, I can function with no glasses at all; I am so delighted.”