Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day – Contact lenses with blue light filter and UV protection

We’re delighted to stock the latest contact lens innovation, the Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day and Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day Multifocal for presbyopia.

Johnson & Johson designed these contact lenses to address the increasing demand we place on our eyes. Since the pandemic we’ve been spending more time in front of screens and blinking less. Johnson and Johnson’s research found that over two-thirds the people polled felt the increased role of digital devices in modern life negatively impacted their eye comfort.

John Buch, Senior Principal Research Optometrist for Johnson & Johnson Vision, said that through listening to the feedback of patients and eye care professionals, the company designed the new contact lenses “to address lifestyle requirements and help prevent dry and tired eyes from becoming normalised.”1

The new contact lenses feature proprietary TearStable Technology, designed to maximise tear-film stability for comfort, and OptiBlue, a blue-violet light filter.

For patients with presbyopia, the multifocal lenses also feature Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Pupil Optimized Design technology, with parameters tailored to pupil size variations across age and refraction.

Clinical trials of the Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day found that nearly 90% of wearers reported all-day comfort and a reduction in tired eyes from digital devices.

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day

  • All day comfort with better hydration, increased breathability and enhanced softness
    • Tearstable™ technology offers maximum comfort by locking in moisture throughout the lens and surface of the eye.
  • Visual clarity, day to night
    • Optiblue™ light filter technology provides maximum clarity with the highest level of blue-violet light filter.
  • Exceptional handling
    • Features to help to make them easy to handle: light blue-green tinted lenses and an inside-out mark you can check.
  • UV protection
    • High-level UV blocking: 99.9% UVA and 100% UVB.2

Designed for today’s intense lifestyle with all day clear and comfortable vision in all lighting conditions.  Get more from your contact lenses with Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day.

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Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day


2 All ACUVUE® contact lenses have Class 1 or Class 2 UV-blocking to help protect against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye. UV-absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. UV transmission measured with -1.00 lens.