Our eye examinations

Advanced Eye Exam

Optometrist 60 minutes

Monthly Fee of £8.00

  • Check prescription of existing spectacles
  • History and symptoms
  • Vision
  • Detailed slit lamp examination
  • Internal eye examination
  • Glasses prescription distance and near
  • Visual Fields
  • Pressures
  • Full muscle balance investigation
  • Full threshold fields (if necessary)
  • Digital retinal photograph
  • Dilation to enlarge pupils
  • Repeat procedures if required
  • Referral to GP / Private Consultant
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan
  • Form completion e.g. passport

Advanced Eye Exam

For a small monthly fee of £8.00 we will look after all your Eyecare requirements. You will be entitled to unlimited eye examinations when required and also get 10% discount on your spectacles. Any repairs or replacements due to breakage will be charged at 50%.

Any child under 18 in your family will also be included for free, and they will be entitled to free lenses in their spectacles.

Family membership for £16.00 per month will cover both parents and all your children.

If you do not want to set up a Direct Debit that’s fine. You can pay for one-off examinations but you won’t be eligible for the spectacle discounts. A complete list of professional fees is available on request.