Maui Jim Sunglasses

Walker and Campbell Optometrists

We now stock the latest range of Maui Jim sunglasses.

They are made in Hawaii, and can be manufactured with a single vision prescription or a varifocal lens. Their clarity and colour definition allows the wearer a comfortable, 3D contrast, whether driving, walking or riding the waves. They are made up of eight layers to combat ultra-violet, infra red and disabling glare, providing eye protection in all circumstances.

The frame styles are diverse, light and fashionable; allowing a wraparound, distortion-reduced view, in rimless styles, plastics and lightweight metal frames. They can also be purchased as an off-the-peg reading lens, with no prescription in the main lens to allow the wearer to play golf and mark a score card; read a book while looking up to watch beach and poolside activities; and allow many other multi-tasking pastimes in the visual comfort of sun protection.

The tint choices available are four neutral shades in glass lenses, and two colours in lightweight polycarbonate.